Yvonne Ojibah

The Ivie Tuxedo Limited edition dress gives me that boss-lady, I-can-take-on-anything look and feel. The fabric of the dress is everything! It’s my perfect presentation dress!

Tolu Aturamu

I wore my Flowery Zuri dress for a conference I attended and it was other participants comments on how fabulous I looked in the dress that validated how nice the dress really was. I have since run back to buy 2 other DWL dresses. Who doesn’t like compliments biko.

Stella Ugege

I ordered a DWL Red and black bespoke dress for my secondary school alumni dinner. The confidence the dress gave me was on another level! I am the real DWL woman as I have bought from the DWL ready-to-wear collection and Bespoke for other functions. DWL dresses have also become my favourite for gifting my friends cos of the excellent price, styles and gift packaging.

Taiye Omoruyi

DWL is the 1st dress brand that I know of in Nigeria that can cater to my event and work dressing needs comparable to the foreign brands I shop with at an affordable price. I will happily #buynigeriantogrowthenaira with them.

Ameze Obakpolor

All hail DWL! DWL has changed my work wear game! With my DWL work dresses, I have dumped all my skirt and trouser suits; I’m now strictly on a dress P and damn, my colleagues can testify that I look smarter in my dresses! 

Olumide Olugbodi

The jacket is lovely!! My wife loved it. The packaging helped present the dress as very high end! #happywifehappylife. I’m very sure she would have contacted you to buy more. She says she wants to be a #DWLwoman. Thanks for helping me work magic with my very choosy wife.