About us

who we are?

DWL – Defining Women’s Lifestyle, owned by a Nigerian Fashion designer Ivie Osula, is a female fashion brand operating out of Doha and Lagos.

Founded in 2017, DWL is dedicated to helping women use the power of dressing as a tool to project confidence, vibrance, sophistication and relatability regardless of their standing.

Offered in Ready-To-Wear and bespoke made-to-order options, DWL blazer sets and loungewear are unique in their designs and presents a fusion between modest fashion and western contemporary trends, featuring high-quality, luxury fabrics in the designs.

The Founder

Ivie Osula is a fashion designer and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the founder and Creative Director of DWL (Defining Women’s Lifestyle). She is known for her take on power and vibrant sophisticated looks.

Osula started her career in banking and transitioned fully into fashion in 2017 having gained validation for her fashion business from starting out making corporate wears for herself and gaining the interest of colleagues to make unique power work blazers for them which led to the birth of DWL.

Within the throws of her fashion career, Osula has been seen on the international fashion landscape from Nigeria to Saudi and now a beneficiary of the Qatar Development Bank Scale 7 fashion accelerator program.

She’s been able to position the DWL brand to fuse contemporary western contemporary trends with modest fashion and culture influences, offering blazer and lounge wear to project confidence, vibrance, sophistication for the target market dubbed the DWL woman.

As a stylist and brand consultant, Ivie has worked with various international fashion houses including Valentino, Off-white and Naomi Campbell’s Emerge initiative, where her work garnered attention from press such as Marie Claire Arabia,  LLQ Lifestyle and Thisday Syle.

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